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In most homes, we tend to need the most space in our kitchens so making sure you’re making the most of the storage space you do have is important if you don’t have the luxury of a large kitchen.

However, if you feel like you have maximised your storage potential, then here are some tips to making your kitchen appear larger without smashing through the walls!

The use of colour is the best way to give the illusion of space in a small kitchen.

Blocks of bold colour can seem imposing and close down the illusion off space in a compact room.

However, pale colours give a sense of depth, which is why light coloured walls are a must have for a cosy kitchen.

To get the most out of this little cheat, go for dark flooring as this will make the room appear taller than it actually is.

Dark stone or wooden flooring is the perfect contrast to the pale walls and will give a natural yet contemporary element to the area.

Making sure the lighting is right is another crucial step to getting the most out of a small kitchen.

If possible, installing a skylight is the best possible way to make the room feel larger as you flood the kitchen with natural light.

Alternatively, making sure the balance of task and general lighting is right in the room is very important, as this will make the kitchen more efficient when preparing and cooking food and will increase the appearance of size.

You can make the room seem even larger by using reflective surfaces around the kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen units will bounce light around the area and will give more depth to the room. This also works for stone countertops like granite or marble as long as they have a glossy finish.