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A so-called ‘cosmetic’ kitchen makeover is a more economical way to give your kitchen a new look and feel, while adding to the resale value of your home. And in a depressed economy, this can be the most sensible way to get a fresh, new kitchen without breaking the bank! While a traditional kitchen remodel may involve moving walls, purchasing new cabinetry, and ripping out flooring and other finishes, cosmetic kitchen remodeling will address any aesthetic and functional concerns, while attempting to leave much of the existing structure and footprint intact.

Cosmetic Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

When tackling a cosmetic kitchen remodeling project, there are several strategies that offer a lot of bang for your renovation buck:


cosmetic kitchen makeover

Painting Cabinets, Adding
Carrara Marble and Stainless
Steel Appliances Were Easy
Fixes with Big Impact in This
Cosmetic Kitchen Makeover

  • If your cabinets are in good shape structurally, painting them will have a dramatic visual impact. Dated oak cabinetry, for example, can be made to look sleek and fresh with just a new coat of paint. And with the limitless paint options out there, your imagination can run wild!
  • Sometimes replacing just the faces of your cabinetry is the best option, particularly when you want a different door style. This option essentially leaves the frames of the cabinetry in place, while replacing just the front of the door and drawer. For framed or inset cabinets, the frames will also need to be resurfaced to coordinate with the new door color or stain.
  • If you really love the look of your existing cabinets, but want a change of some sort, consider replacing just the knobs or pulls, as well as the hinges. A large-scale stainless pull is an inexpensive way to transform a simple cabinet into something smoother and sleeker!