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Handsome House Numbers

There are simple house numbers that quietly go about their job displaying your address, and then there are digits so striking they achieve the level of functional art, inviting the gaze of passersby. Just about any set can add a hit of texture or color to your home’s entrance, but carefully chosen ones also reinforce its architectural style and make a welcoming first impression.

Most house numbers come in all-weather finishes sealed with lacquer or glaze, but when it comes to choosing a style, the options are almost endless. Materials run the gamut from shiny brass and satin stainless to white clay and terra-cotta tile, with numbers (and, often, letters) rendered in a wide range of typefaces, both traditional and modern. Here we’ve zeroed in on 21 options that span three general time periods, so whatever era your home dates to, we’re sure to have your number.

Pro advice
“Most municipalities require numbers to be at least 4 inches tall so that safety personnel can see them easily from the street, but check local ordinances before mounting new ones.”
Terry Talken, co-owner, Shop 4 Classics


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