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Shopping List

Supplies You Will Need

Lincrusta Available through Lee Jofa, 800-453-3563

Kraft paper

Painter’s tape

Lint-free cloths

Heavy-duty wallpaper liner

Premixed vinyl wallpaper adhesive

Clay-based adhesive for panels

Odorless mineral spirits

Latex gloves

Vinyl or acrylic adhesive caulk

Universal acrylic primer-sealer

Latex paint. Get an eggshell base color and a matte highlight color.

2-inch brad nails for chair rail

Wood filler for chair rail

Fine-grit sandpaper for chair rail

Tools List

Tools You Will Need

four-foot level

4-foot level


utility knife

Breakaway utility knife with extra blades

12-inch stainless steel ruler

Metal ruler or straightedge

wallpaper smoother

Smoothing tool for liner


Smoothing roller for panels

Natural-bristle chip brush

4-inch chip brush for adhesives

synthetic brush

2½-inch angled paintbrush


Roller frame with ½-inch-nap covers

grout sponge



Piece of hardboard that’s at least 1 inch taller than base molding

caulk gun

Caulk gun

eye goggles

Safety goggles

miter saw

Miter saw for chair rail

pneumatic brad nailer

Pneumatic brad nailer gun for chair rail

In this video, senior technical editor Mark Powers installs Lincrusta panel wainscoting.

1. Lay out the panels
2. Install the liner
3. Prep the panels
4. Apply adhesive
5. Place the panel and remove air bubbles
6. Cut the bottom to fit
7. Turn a corner
8. Finish installing panels
9. Prep the panels for paint
10. Paint and highlight the panels
11. Add the chair rail

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