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you can read about a recent survey that was conducted mid-year by the AARP. With results released late in 2010, it indicates that the Aging-in-Place trend is likely to stay strong. According to this survey of adults age 45 and older, about 75% of the respondents want to age-in-place and stay in their current homes as long as possible. The primary reason given by most of the respondents is to remain in their community near friends and family-this suggests that the market for aging-in-place residential remodeling is likely to remain strong.

Another article discusses how care management programs are making it easier to transition to Aging-in-Place by supporting seniors who live at home by offering an assessment of their needs and coordinating services to address those needs. This allows seniors who wish to maintain their independence to continue living independently. The piece highlights three Medicaid-funded care management programs in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, that assist seniors with limited income and resources, as well as those who also have serious health issues that make them eligible for nursing home care:  LIFE Pittsburgh, Community LIFE, and the Aging Waiver.

The third article explains how noise and light affect people with dementia-which should be considered especially when planning aging-in-place scenarios for seniors and those with other disabilities. In it, Jan Dewing, Professor of Aged Care and Practice Development, also discusses some of the implications that nurses need to consider in order to create more therapeutic care environments.

Furthering this topic, the issue’s last entry discusses how to determine and create appropriate lighting for seniors because it is often more difficult for seniors and people with disabilities to clearly see in lighting that may be adequate for others. The article explores how sometimes lighting is the last aspect considered when designing, building, and remodeling living spaces for older residents. The expertise of long-term care designer, Margaret P. Calkins, Ph.D., President of IDEAS, Inc., also addresses the importance of lighting and she explains in depth how as people age, changes in vision occur that affect the ability to perceive and understand the world around them.

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