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eco-leafIf you happen to be a person who cares about the environment and has a bathroom that is in dire need of remodeling, then you need to gather some information. The best way to get information on remodeling for your bathroom would be by looking for the newest green trends and tips. Having such information will help you meet your budget and have a minimal negative impact on our planet.

How you use your water

One of the best green remodeling tips would be thinking about how you use your water . The highest water consuming object in a home is the toilet . They consume about 27% of the total amount of water in the home. To reduce this consumption, it is advisable to get a dual flush toilet. Such a toilet uses two flush buttons. One is used for light work and the other for heavy work. Such toilets are made in various designs and save upto 17,000 gallons of water annually (this means a reduction of $50 or more in your water bill).

Another water squanderer is the shower . Most showers consume 15% to 20% of water in a home with most of it being heated. A normal shower head has a flow rate of about two and a half gallons per minute. Changing it with a low flow head, say 1.6 to 2 gallons every minute, will result in a substantial amount of saving in water usage while still offering adequate cleansing power. At the same time, it would reduce the amount of energy being used to heat the water.

Apart from looking at how water is used, you should consider looking at how it is heated . Insulating all accessible water pipes in your bathroom can reduce the energy consumption used to heat your bathing water. In addition, a good number of water heaters have a setting of 140 degrees. Turning down this setting to 120 degrees will help you reduce energy usage.

LED Illumination

LED illumination is the latest trend in green lighting and it can be used in bathroom remodeling. Bathroom heat lights and other light fixtures using this illumination consume only 2 to 15 watts. They also have a long life span, 15 – 20 years, making them very economical.

Ventilator Fan

A bathroom remodeling is the best time to consider installing a newer exhaust ventilator fan. Such fans are used to remove mold spores, moisture and odors. Since such systems have a likelihood of carrying heated air as well, you will need to look for a solution to conserve this energy. One of the best solutions would be use of a heat exchange ventilator. It conserves energy by warming all cold incoming air with the outgoing air.

An eco bathroom remodel does not necessarily mean a negative impact on style of the bathroom. Classic ceramic tile is available in limitless patterns and colors.

Recycled Glass Tiles

Additionally, it is an eco-friendly choice due to its low toxicological impact, durability and maintenance. Some tiles, like recycled glass tiles , are a beautiful way to go green with bathroom remodeling. These are examples of the latest and newest tips and trends in green bathroom remodeling. With the current rate of change in technology, it is prudent to check out new trends every few months.