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Period Style, Up-to-Date Function

When two people undertake a major redo, some negotiating is required. Vance Martin and Andrea Chin, owners of a 1909 house in Seattle, shared a vision of a colorful kitchen opening onto a porch. But he wanted a wood floor and cabinets with clear glass fronts, while she wanted no-fuss flooring and less transparency. They compromised with pale linoleum and seeded glass.

Working with designer Kim Clements, they negotiated other challenges, too, including the missing joists found while poking under the floor. When a wall came down—as part of the scheme to have the kitchen and the family room trade places—Clements realized ceiling beams had to go back up in a convincing old-house way. Details like arches trim­med to match ones on the porch also make the new space “feel like it has a heritage,” she says—with amenities, of course, including a gas line threaded outside to feed Vance’s grill. The redo’s success reflects “a great partnership,” he says, and on that, the whole family agrees.

Pictured: Cabinet tops double as display space for colorful vintage bottles. From left: Lily, then 14; Abby, 17; Andrea; and Vance.

Design and general contractor: Kevin Price and Kim Clements, J.A.S Design-Build.

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