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Letting in Natural Light
Creates a Feeling of Space
and Light in this Townhouse
Kitchen Remodel

When undertaking a kitchen remodeling in your townhouse, it is important to remember that a good design will take the size and challenges of the space into consideration. In other words, a townhouse kitchen design, where the existing space ranges from 10 to 25 feet wide, will be significantly different than a design for a large suburban home. The typical Washington, DC townhouse has a narrow galley kitchen with limited space and often doesn’t have adequate room for a desirable eat-in area. Because older townhouses were built when our standards for kitchens were much different than they are today – fewer appliances, less storage, less counter space, closed off from adjacent living spaces – modernizing a townhouse kitchen requires a skilled design/build team familiar with the challenges of working in small spaces.

Bump-Out Addition: Expanding Space and Increasing Livability

With the Right Design a
Townhouse Kitchen Becomes
a Spacious Area for Living
and Dining

Today’s informal living styles translate into a desire to knock down walls between a kitchen and a dining room. With careful planning and a professional design, removing a wall can enhance the livability of the space and provide additional breathing room to a cramped galley kitchen. But knocking down a wall shouldn’t just be a haphazard design choice in a townhouse kitchen remodeling project. It shouldn’t mean a loss of the home’s existing architectural style. Replicating moldings, cased openings and even arched openings helps to maintain continuity and integrity of the home’s design. A kitchen bump-out addition can make a world of difference when it comes to maximizing space!

Small Details Go a Long Way in Townhouse Kitchen Remodeling

Smart Storage Solutions
Add Space and Unique Details
to a Townhouse Kitchen

Natural light is another concern in a townhouse kitchen where there are few or no windows or only one at the back of the house. Good lighting will greatly increase the livability of the kitchen. When designed properly, recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting, modern track lights and pendants can all provide light and unique design to your new kitchen.

Rear Wing Opens to Back
Garden in a Townhouse
Kitchen Remodel

If you live in an older townhouse where the kitchen occupies the rear wing, as is the case with many townhouses in Capitol Hill, your project can include a French door or windows to open into the garden. In some instances, the rear wing is wide enough to accommodate a small island or breakfast table – a design choice that adds much-needed space and comfort.

A New Townhouse
Kitchen Makes Room for
the Chef and Guests

Small details can also have a major impact in a townhouse kitchen remodel. If your home has high ceilings, the space automatically feels larger, but the installation of cabinets will add additional storage space and give the illusion of a larger kitchen. Additional design details – transoms above French doors, clerestory windows and walls of glass that borrow light and visual interest from the outdoors – will also enhance a small townhouse kitchen.

A Smart Design Incorporates
Kitchen, Dining and Living
Space on One Floor

Your current townhouse kitchen may be cramped, dreary and outdated, but with the right design and experienced design/build team, you can maximize space and modernize your townhouse kitchen to fit your lifestyle, while preserving your home’s character and architectural history. Wentworth, Inc. has designed and built countless townhouse kitchen remodeling projects in the Washington, DC area. Our years of experience with townhouse kitchen remodeling have resulted in several prestigious design awards, including a recent Best of Class: Small Kitchens Design Award from the National Kitchen & Bath Association, and we understand how to make a townhouse kitchen fit into your modern lifestyle. If you are ready to start your townhouse kitchen remodeling project, contact us today!