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Article Published in Virginia Gazette

Even a remodeling company needs a new look!  Stephens Builder, Inc.  will now be known as Stephens Remodeler, Inc.  Along with a new look we have a new logo.  Stephens Remodeler, Inc. will continue to be owned and operated by Lloyd Stephens, President of the company.  This change was spurred on by potential customers asking Lloyd if he did remodeling.  For some people “Stephens Builder, Inc.” implied a home builder.  While we have built a few custom homes and even commercial projects, our focus has always been on improving existing homes.  As more home builders found themselves out of work, they have tried their hand at remodeling.  There is a different approach that must be adhered to when working within someone’s home.

Lloyd has often noted the difference in a professional remodeler versus a home builder.   At Stephens Remodeler, the employees are what we loving refer to as “house broken”.  Our employees are respectful of the home owners’ needs in many ways.    It may be moving items so they do not get damaged, covering floors, putting up temporary walls to prevent dust from traveling throughout the home, making sure trash is picked up and the site is cleaned on a regular basis.  Our employee’s maintain a quiet and professional work manner.

Lloyd continues to learn from courses offered to remodelers to help elevate his knowledge of professional practices, new standards in building practices, new materials and areas of special needs.  He has earned accreditation in the following areas:  Graduate Remodeler, Certified Lead Remodeler, Aging in Place Specialists, Green Remodeling, Lead Safe and Insulated Concrete Forms.

Stephens Remodeler, Inc. is a full service remodeler.  From the initial appointment, Lloyd is able to help you design your project so that it compliments your existing structure.  Advanced modeling software is used to give you a virtual tour of what your project will look like.  We pride ourselves on carrying the best line of custom cabinetry in the industry. Craft-Maid cabinetry is handmade in Pennsylvania.  Not only have we used them in our remodeling projects, but the Senate Building, Actors, Actresses and Athletes’ have used this brand in their own homes.

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or baths, adding on a family room, master bedroom, screen porch, sunroom or an in-law suite, customizing and remodeling your home is still a good investment.  Remodeling can enhance not only your home, but time spent with family and friends.

Stephens Remodeler, Inc. can help you obtain your vision for updating or adding to your home’s value.  If you’re in need of a remodel, give them a call for any size project you may be considering. [Virginia Gazette]