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Attic Renovation Company in Waverly, VA

Attic Renovation Company in Waverly, VA

Have you been thinking about renovating your attic? Right now, the space may just be storage or uninhabitable, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! Remodeling your attic can greatly increase the value of your home and provide more space for you and your family without building out or moving!

Stephens Remodeling has been remodeling and custom building throughout the Waverly and the Virginia Peninsula area for more than 25 years—and attic renovation is one of our specialties!

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Renovating Your Waverly Attic

Safety in construction is a big concern when renovating your attic. As general rule, at least half of a finished attic must be at least 7 feet high, 7 feet wide, and 70 square feet. Stephens Remodeling can help ensure that your new space meets local codes and standards in your Virginia region.

There are also many other factors to consider when renovating and designing your attic:

  • Color scheme – complement the space and décor without making it seem any smaller
  • Ceiling finishes – while the ceiling may be angled and constricting, you can create a cohesive design with color and molding choices
  • Insulation – this will help with climate control and energy efficiency, while also reducing noise between floors
  • Accessibility – you’ll want to think about the stairs leading to the new space and also where the closest bathroom is
  • Climate control – ductless mini splits, fans, and insulation can prevent the space from being uncomfortably cool or hot  
  • Windows and natural light – is there the option for a sunlight or skylight window?
  • Lighting options – recessed lights get tucked away, don’t generate excess heat, and still help brighten the smaller space
  • Storage and extra space – recessed shelves and storage can ensure you utilize all the nooks and crannies

Attic Remodeling in Waverly, VA

Stephens Remodeling can help with the remodel and renovation of your home’s attic! We have over 25 years of experience building, designing, and remodeling in the Waverly area and can help increase the value, beauty, and functionality of your Virginia home! We provide custom attic renovations and redesigns throughout 23890 or 23891.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and begin the process of making your dream attic a reality!

And while you dream up plans for your attic renovation, read what some of your neighbors have said about their attic remodeling experience with Stephens Remodeling:

“We appreciate the courtesy and workmanship of the Stephens team members. We would like to make special note of the effort in working with us during the planning phase and throughout the process as adjustments were required or desired. We are happy to recommend Lloyd and his team to others” – Ron & Tessa