As baby boomers age, the question of where to live is often a popular subject of debate. Many people are unsure whether they should live in a retirement community or live in their homes, and making the right decision can be a challenge. However, aging in place can be worthwhile for various reasons.

1. Independence

Maintaining a level of independence is often an important part of people’s lives as they age. While some retirement communities offer a certain level of independence to residents, living in your own home generally provides more freedom. In your home, you can create a different schedule for yourself on a daily basis without worrying about following a particular protocol or sticking to a rigid schedule.

2. Comfort

Home is the place where you can spend your time feeling comfortable and at ease. The process of moving into a retirement home can be a headache as you try to organize your life in a new space and learn what life looks like in a new place. Living in an unfamiliar environment can also feel uncomfortable. When you live in your home, however, you will have a sense of comfort that comes with the familiarity of your space. Aging in place also allows people to easily stay in touch with members of their community.

3. Improved Wellbeing

Often, health is one of the primary reasons a person may consider moving from their home. However, it is generally possible to access medical care in the comfort and safety of one’s home. By staying in your home, you are likely to find that both your physical and emotional wellbeing can be maintained, if not improved.

Living in your home as you age can increase your level of independence, improve your comfort and benefit your overall wellbeing. If your home needs to be renovated in order to make aging in place comfortable, seek out experts in home remodeling.

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