Remodel the Basement Instead of Purchasing a New Home

When most people start looking for a new home, the idea is to upgrade. This is especially the case when the family grows, elderly parents move in or adult children return home. This can cause a house to feel cramped at the cost of everyone’s privacy. However, if your home has a basement, remodeling that basement floor can create additional living space. Here are some basement remodeling options to consider.

Build an Apartment

Many Americans are now embracing multigenerational living as a solution to economic realities. Adult children may prefer to keep aging parents closer to home or may wish to share the mortgage and bills with their own children. Sometimes people even build out the basement to provide income through short-term or long-term rentals. To achieve this, a basement apartment provides the perfect opportunity to create an independent living space that provides neighbor-like privacy.

Create a Hobby Room or Office

Sometimes the need for more space stems from a hobby or business idea. This may range from producing music to woodwork. Whatever the final product, the basement is a great location to add a studio, workshop or office. It may also provide a quiet escape room where adults can relax and enjoy a glass of wine or watch a football game without the children.

Add a Children’s Den

When basements do not have separate entrances or windows looking out, living or working there may not be practical. However, it may make a wonderful children’s den. By keeping all the toys, coloring books and crayons in this area, parents may find it much easier to keep upstairs more organized. Even teenagers may benefit from this space. However, be sure to put safety measures in place if smaller children will be using the stairs.

Having a basement in your home opens up a wealth of options, but basement remodeling one does present unique challenges. To help you overcome them, be sure to work with an experienced contractor.