If you’re looking to add an extra room to your floor plan, the attic is a good location. However, it can be tricky to turn what is traditionally used as storage space into a bedroom or office. Follow these three attic remodeling tips for best the results.

1. Follow Regulations

Before you can turn your attic space into a bedroom or office, make sure it meets building codes and regulations. Some things to consider are height of the walls, the roof structure and floor reinforcement. These codes vary by location, so hiring a contractor who knows these rules is your best option.

2. Invest in Insulation

Hot air rises, which is what makes attics so hot and stuffy during warmer months. If you’re going to use the renovated attic as a bedroom or office, you should add insulation to help keep the room cooler and to keep energy costs down.

Ventilation goes along with insulation for attic remodeling. One way to do this is to add a skylight or two that are capable of opening. This allows you to let in fresh air while adding natural light to the space. Your contractor can tell you which insulation and ventilation techniques would be best for the space.

3. Plan Accordingly

If you’re going to put a bathroom in the attic, you should know where the existing pipes and connections are. One way to do this is to put the new bathroom directly above the kitchen or a downstairs bathroom. This way, the pipes are close together and you don’t need to rip out more walls than absolutely necessary. A professional contractor can help you draw up the best plans that work with your existing layout.

Get Ready to Transform Your Attic

There are so many possibilities with your attic space if you want to renovate. You can turn your musty attic into a space you want to spend time in by hiring a professional contractor to help with the attic remodeling so you follow all codes and regulations while using the best materials.

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