A sunroom is one of the best luxury features in a home. It is also one of the least expensive. This room is a great spot for reading or taking a nap on wintry afternoons. During the summer months, many homeowners simply draw the blinds to keep the sun out, but if you hire the right sunroom contractor, they know how to angle windows and choose the right glass to minimize heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Here are some of the top questions that will lead you to the right contractor.

Can I Get an Estimate?

Most contractors provide free estimates, but if they shoot you a number without paying your house a visit, this is a red flag. Professional sunroom contractors know that until they see the site, it is impossible to give a good figure. When you receive the estimate, note whether or not details are provided. A lump sum figure is not enough. You also need some basic cost breakdowns, so you can understand how the contractor arrived at this figure.

Are You Bonded, Licensed and Insured?

If the answer to any portion of this question is no, walk away. No matter how good the price is, it’s not worth the risk. Home additions can affect the foundation of a home and the overall supporting wall structure. This is not the kind of work you want to trust to contractors who may not be able to compensate you if something goes wrong.

Will You Build This Yourself?

When contractors receive more work than they can take on, they may subcontract out smaller projects to other companies. You may not view your sunroom as a small project, but if the sunroom contractor has been building commercial office spaces or custom homes, they may feel otherwise. Verify that they will be working on the project themselves to prevent any future liability issues if problems arise.

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