The lower level of your home, or the basement, is often neglected. People may use the space as a catch-all for storage and old Christmas decoration, but most fail to see a basement for the square-footage gold mine that it is. A contractor can help you see all the potential basement remodeling offers. Do you need a larger dining room for holiday gatherings? Are you interested in creating the ultimate home theater? Your basement has so much potential, but you can’t just jump right into a renovation, there are considerations you need to make, which is where a basement remodeler comes into play.


The first thing to consider is waterproofing. While newer home construction may have already taken care of this dilemma, older homes often require sealing the exterior or interior of the basement. Sealing the internal area is often more cost-effective than digging a trench and wrapping the outside of your home, but it may require re-sealing from time-to-time.


Basement remodeling often has the end goal of creating symmetry between the upstairs and the downstairs, so that the areas seem cohesive. Adding flush-mount lighting is a good way of creating a similar ambiance between the two areas.


Flooring is one of the hardest decisions you’ll need to make and one of the most important. While sealing the concrete is the cheapest option, it will not create a comfortable space. A good option is luxury vinyl flooring because it creates the look of wood with the resilience of vinyl.


Last, you may want to consider an additional heating source. Basements are typically cooler than other levels in your home because they are underground. Therefore, you’ll want to add insulation and possibly other heating sources. Basement remodeling is a great way to maximize the square footage in your home. However, a lower-level remodel is quite the undertaking, and you may want to consult with a professional before moving forward on such a project.

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