Is an Attic Conversion Feasible for Your Home?

The attic in your house may be used for storage, but it also holds the potential to be a useful living space. Attic conversions can give you an extra bedroom, bathroom, or game room. Before you hire a contractor to start the job, though, you need to make sure that such a change is a feasible option for your home.

The first thing you want to check is the state of your roof. If you see water spots or large, fuzzy patches of mold in your attic, it is likely that you have a leak that you need to address. It doesn’t do any good to renovate your attic if it is constantly susceptible to water damage. In fact, having your roof inspected regularly and repaired when necessary can have a positive effect on your whole home.

The next question you should answer is whether or not there is enough space for the attic conversions you want to make. You need at least 2.1 meters of headroom in the attic for it to be practical for converting to a usable living space. To make it accessible to the rest of the house once contractors are finished with the renovation, you may also need to add a stairwell, which can affect both the attic and the floor beneath it. Ensuring that you have the space you need before construction begins can save some time.

Even if you have central heating and air conditioning in your home, the attic tends to be closed off from the system. Before you convert it, you must make sure it’s feasible to route extra vents into the space. It’s also advisable to add insulation under the roof to hold the indoor temperature inside.

Attic conversions can be an easy way to add extra living areas to your home as long as it’s feasible to do so. Once your attic has passed all these preliminary tests, you can talk to contractors about the specific changes you want to make.