A Second Floor Addition Can Increase Home Comfort

One way to add more space to your home is through a second floor addition. Homeowners can maximize their space within the home without taking up more space outside. The end result is a spacious, comfortable home you love.


A fun room to add in an addition is an entertainment room. Get the feel of going to the movies inside your own home. A media room is windowless with a surround sound system built into the walls. Add to the experience with reclining chairs and a wet bar with mini-fridge. If movies aren’t your idea of quality entertainment, create a room perfect for a man cave with a pool table, wet bar, wine fridge and entertainment system. Then you can enjoy watching your favorite sports teams while playing some billiards.


A perk of a second floor addition is adding another bedroom or two. This can be great when you must take care of elderly parents. Or reduce the stress of multiple teens arguing over shared space by moving one or more upstairs. Children live longer at home today than ever. The added space and privacy can help the family get along better. Add a bathroom for additional privacy.


With so many people working from home today versus the years of the past, one key benefit of an addition is for an office. This makes working from home less stressful and more comfortable for you. Your “commute” now involves walking up the stairs. The second floor can help create a distinctive space between home and office helping many to better immerse themselves into the tasks of the day.

A second floor addition is an easy way to increase the square footage of the home. Rather than adding a room on the ground floor, go up. Speak to a professional builder about the options you have for adding an addition to your house.