Tips for Converting Your Basement Into Living Space

The basement in your home can be renovated to become just about any type of living space you want it to be. There are certain things you need to remember to make sure the job is done right, though. Here are some basement conversion tips for turning it into a space you and your family will actually use.

Hire a Contractor
No matter how small a change you are considering, hiring a remodeling professional can ensure that you don’t forget a crucial step. For example, you may just want to turn the space into a game room. At a minimum, you are likely going to need better lighting and ventilation, and those are both jobs for the professionals. A contractor can advise you on what needs to be done and enlist qualified people to help.

Get an Inspection
Before you start moving in new furniture, you want to know what is going on in the space. A basement conversion should always start with an inspection. Have it tested for water damage, mold growth and radon to safeguard your family.

Protect Against Moisture
Basements are notorious for taking on floods from leaks, storms and other water issues. Make sure your foundation is in good shape, and install a sump pump that can get rid of standing water in a hurry.

Fortify Walls
Chances are good that your basement will need better insulation than it currently has if you are going to spend more time down there. Add insulation behind the walls, and ask your contractor about sturdier materials than drywall to protect against damage.

Install Good Lighting
Finally, you want to make sure you can see clearly. Your basement probably doesn’t have as much natural lighting as the rest of the house, so you will need to pick out lighting options that make sense for the space you are trying to create.

Even a simple basement conversion can turn into a big job. Follow these tips for a successful renovation.