4 Tips for Making a Home Safer to Age in Place

In an age of increasing self-sufficiency, more and more seniors are making the decision to age in place, staying in their own homes as they move into retirement. When preparing to age in place, it’s important to be sure that the appropriate safety measures are being followed. If you or someone you love is considering aging in place, here are the most important safety precautions to keep in mind.

4 Must-Have Renovations for Safe Aging in Place

When it comes to personal safety for yourself or a loved one, you can never be too safe. When preparing to age in place, make sure that you have taken care of the below considerations:

  • All floors should be secure and provide proper traction. Remove any area rugs or other unsecured carpeting, and consider installing grip tape or secured carpeting on surfaces with hardwood or tiling that can be slippery. This reduces the risk of dangerous falls around the home.
  • Install grab bars around the shower, as well as in areas where you may be standing and sitting, such as near a favorite chair or in the bathroom. These provide both convenience and safety when aging in place.
  • Change out any taps on faucets and the shower if they are difficult to turn. Lever-style taps are ideal, as they are easier to turn and control, which avoids mistakes with water temperature and don’t require risky overexertion when using them.
  • Build access ramps around any outside staircases, and consider installing a chairlift for inside the home if there are interior staircases that will be seeing regular use.

Your safety is the most important thing you have, and when aging in place that is particularly true. If you are preparing a home for you or a loved one to age in place, a construction professional can help you to assess your home and design the renovation and remodeling plan you need to do so safely and happily.