5 Reasons to Choose Ceramic Floor Tiles

Replace your kitchen, bathroom or entryway tile with ceramic tile for beautiful, long-lasting and dependable flooring. Ceramic is a popular option for flooring in high-moisture areas, but can also be used in visible, elegant areas. Here are the top five reasons to choose ceramic for your next tiling project in your home.

  •  Affordable Flooring

Compared to glass tiles, natural stone or other common tile options, ceramic is an affordable option. While professional installation costs remain similar, you can dramatically reduce the cost of your new flooring project by choosing a tile option that’s not only has a lower cost, but also requires less maintenance.

  •  Versatile Designs

You may be surprised to see how many options of ceramic tile designs are available. You can choose the pattern, color and shape of your tiles to create a specialized kitchen or bathroom floor. Match your existing color scheme or use your new tiling to update the entire room.

  •  Excellent Moisture Resistance

Ceramic can be treated to create a reliable water barrier that’s resistant to moisture. This durable barrier is ideal for bathroom floors or other high-traffic, high-moisture areas. Don’t let porous tile and grout harbor mold, but invest in protective tile options.

  •  Low Maintenance

Ceramic tiling is durable and reliable for years to come. While you’ll need to recoat them after a few years to ensure a proper moisture barrier, overall these rugged tiles can withstand years of use without damage. Compared to glass tiles or other tile options, you’ll save money and reduce stress by choosing ceramic and avoiding excessive maintenance and tile replacement projects.

  •  Long-Lasting Durability

Finally, ceramic tile is a long-lasting flooring option due to the unique strength of ceramic. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or upgrading your bathroom, ceramic is a popular option for long-lasting support. Don’t worry about cracked tiles, chipped corners or other issues that come with similar styles of tile.