Why You Might Choose a Sunroom For Your Next Home Addition


Additional living space can be achieved in a variety of ways, but one of the most versatile rooms in any home can be a four seasons sunroom. This room can be used for a sitting room, a workout area, a study or even as a kitchen. A sunroom can add to the value of your home because of the space it adds to your square footage, but also because of its multipurpose function.

What is a Four Seasons Sunroom?

As the name suggests, a four seasons sunroom construction addition to your home allows you to have a functional space year-round. Instead of a screened-in porch that can only be used when the weather is nice, a sunroom can provide a comfortable living space in any climate.

What are the Types of Sunrooms Available?

There are four main types of sunrooms you can choose from. A straight style is the most basic with the fewest upgrades and can be an inexpensive way to build a sunroom. A curved style has a wall that curves up to meet the existing house. If you want additional light, a cathedral style has a vaulted ceiling. The conservatory style has a glass roof, making it perfect for growing plants.

Planning For Your Sunroom

To prevent surprise costs, a sunroom needs to be planned out carefully. Take measurements and make sure you know what type of sunroom you want before you hire a builder. The windows used typically have UV protection to prevent damage to your furniture and carpets and protect your family from the harmful rays of the sun. Once the room is built, you need to know what furniture you’re planning on using in the sunroom. Plan your decor ahead of time to find the best prices.

A four seasons sunroom can become your favorite room in the whole house when it’s planned with care, properly built and beautifully decorated.