Help Your Parents Age in Place

As your parents age, you may feel responsible for their health and safety. For those who decide to age gracefully in their home, there are changes that they need to make as they begin to have more difficulties with daily tasks. To help your parents with aging in place, you may want to consider these four things.

Handicap Ramp

If your parents become wheelchair-bound, they need a way to enter and exit the home. Most older adults can no longer use the steps safely. A contractor can help you create a ramp with a durable grip for a wheelchair. Also, older adults can use these ramps if they have a cane, walker or difficulty walking.

Chair Lift and Accessible Equipment

Accessibility is important when your parents choose to age at home. You need to make sure that the home is accessible. One of the most major changes that you should make, if your parents own a two-story home, is to install a chair lift.

Clutter Removal

While your parents need to fill their home with memories and items that they love, you do not want their home to become cluttered. Sometimes, you may need to have difficult conversations with your parents about the belongings that they may be willing to part with. Too much clutter in a home can become a hazard.

Yard Maintenance

As your parents age, they may be less capable of caring for their landscape. You can help by hiring a lawn maintenance service or a volunteer service that takes care of the lawns of the elderly. With assistance, your parents can retain some of their autonomy and still receive the help that they require.

As your parents age, ensuring their care becomes an important responsibility. Part of aging in place is to have an accessible home. You can help your parents access the help that they need.