Ways To Transform Your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be a retreat from the rest of the home and the cares of the world. Sometimes, simply changing the way you’ve decorated your space or arranged your furniture can make a difference in the way you feel when you walk into your master suite. To keep things fresh and relaxing, consider re-designing your space as the seasons change, particularly as springtime arrives.

Choose Spring Colors

Spring brings lots of color and light to the world, and you can bring those elements into your bedroom by changing out the curtains or bedding. Any dark colors should be changed for something light and airy, with pastel colors being a great place to start. Think of pale pink, yellow or greens to create a springtime vibe. To keep the room gender neutral, avoid prints with florals. Checkered patterns or solids in hues of greens and blues can be less feminine.

Choose New Accessories

A small budget can influence how much of a change you can make in your master suite, but with some creative touches, you can take existing pieces and transform them. Tabbed top panels are a cheaper substitute than formal curtains and spray painting your curtain rod can add a boost of class or color. Adding a colored runner to bedside tables or across a dresser can bring more color into the room, and bringing in seasonal plants (whether silk or live) will add another touch of life to the room.

Choose New Furniture

If your master suite has enough room, consider bringing in some additional furniture. Outdoor spaces, such as a patio, can be redesigned with chaise loungers and seasonal-colored cushions. Add a fire pit for cool nights or mood lighting through light fixtures.

If you aren’t really sure how to transform your master bedroom into a gorgeous retreat, you can consult a contractor for ideas on how to completely rework the space. Adding a closet, changing the flow or redoing the flooring are all high-impact ways to create a new space.