Planning for Kitchen Storage When you Remodel

Yes, you want a beautiful kitchen, but if there is one thing people complain about in their kitchen, it is lack of storage. With more convenient appliances coming out every year and new selections of food prep toys, you need a place to tuck the items away when they are not being used. That means your new kitchen design will need more storage space and kitchen cabinets than your old kitchen had.

Design Calculations

The National Kitchen and Bath Association claims there are three types of kitchens: small, medium and large. Knowing what size area you have will help determine how much shelf and drawer space to aim for within that zone. Figuring out the available area requires some math. Multiply the (cabinet width) x (cabinet depth) x (number of drawers and shelves) to determine the drawer and shelf frontage area. The NKBA says small kitchens use 1,400 inches of frontage, while large kitchens require at least 2,000 inches.

Cabinet Designs

Don’t be fooled into thinking all kitchen cabinets are designed to fit any kitchen area. All cabinets are not created equal. Some lower units have half top shelves, while others have sliding units to help organize your cabinet contents. Some upper cabinets are designed with two shelves, and some go to the ceiling and have three shelves. Knowing what frontage space you have and what items you use often will help you design a functional work area with plenty of space for kitchen storage, even in a small kitchen.

Professional Guidelines

The NKBA suggests keeping a garbage space close to the prep and cleanup area, and baking pans close to the stove. They also suggest that a small kitchen has at least 400 inches of storage near the sink. The large kitchen requires 560 inches of storage near the prep and sink area, and the medium kitchen should aim for 480 inches.

A beautiful kitchen may be your remodeling goal, but make sure the area is functional. Using the NKBA guidelines will help your contractor create a design with kitchen cabinets that has ample storage and is easy to use.