Enjoy the Master Suite of Your Dreams

A master suite takes the idea of a master bedroom to the next level. It’s all about space and luxury. Having a comfortable king-size bed is just the beginning. Today’s master suites let you relax in a gorgeous space with amenities every couple secretly wants:

  • Fireplace
  • Large-screen TV
  • Lounge space
  • Walk-in closet
  • Elegant ensuite bathroom
  • Whirlpool bath

In other words, a master suite is like your own personal spa retreat. Any time you need a getaway from the ringing phone or energetic kids, you can close the doors of your suite and enjoy peace and quiet.

Master Suite Essentials

The rule of thumb when planning this type of bedroom is to make it as spacious as possible. For many people, the more spacious a room, the more relaxing it is. This goes for everything from your ensuite bathroom to walk-in closets. If your walk-in closet is one of your wish list items, you may want to splurge, perhaps including a full-length mirror, dressing table, cabinets and luxurious decor.

Design Ideas

The accents you select for the ensuite bathroom should make you feel like you’re staying at a sophisticated five-star hotel. It’s possible to give your bathroom luxury on any budget. The key is to work with a bathroom remodeling expert; these pros know pricing and materials, maximizing the impact of cabinets, counters and flooring while staying within your project budget.

Options for Small Bedrooms

A common “obstacle” for master suite projects is having a bedroom that seems too small for all the elements of your design. The truth is that it’s possible to overcome this challenge in many ways. Expansion is one possibility, but it’s often easier to redistribute the layout of other areas of the home. Investing in a master suite is worth it, even if you have to sacrifice part of a guest bedroom.