How To Make the Most of Your All-Season Sunroom

If you have a screened porch or all-season sunroom, you either spend all of your time there or none of it. If you fall into the latter camp, chances are it’s not because the room itself is somehow lacking but rather, because you have yet to create a space in which you want to spend time. Decorating a sunroom can be difficult, but with these tips, you’ll finally have that indoor/outdoor space you will want to live in all year long.

Use Plants Liberally 

If your sunroom has an abundance of natural light, go crazy with plants. Plants thrive in environments that are sunny and warm year-round, so you don’t even have to have a green thumb to keep foliage alive. In fact, a screened-in porch gives you the perfect opportunity to play with species you would otherwise be too scared to care for, such as tropical flowers, cactus, ferns and certain types of ivy.

Get creative in plant placement. House larger plants in the corners and use tables, plant stands and other objects to give smaller plants some height. Also, don’t overlook the windows. Hanging baskets at various heights add depth and dimension to expansive windows.

Decorate With Rugs 

Depending on the size of the screened porch, a single rug or several smaller ones can add comfort and style to the space. Rugs also make it easy for you to change up the room with the seasons or as your style preferences evolve.

Don’t Forego Lighting 

Sure, the point of sunrooms is to soak up the natural light from indoors, but there will be days when it’s either too gloomy to enjoy the sunshine or when you want to retreat to the porch at night. Dim overheads or table lamps can allow you to enjoy your all-seasons room all day long.

Use Comfy Furniture 

The most important element of any all-season room is the furniture. If you’re not comfortable on the furniture you place out there, you won’t use the room. Plush couches and inviting armchairs will draw you to the room over others in your home.

A sunroom can be a great extension of your existing living space. To make the most of it, use the tips above.