ADA-Compliant Home Bathroom Renovations

People born with a disability or currently experiencing limited mobility should never have to struggle when using the bathroom. Luckily, there are a few easy home renovations that can make their home bathroom a more accessible space.

Handicap Bathroom Dimensions

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides specific guidelines for an accessible bathroom. These guidelines, created to increase mobility for people using a wheelchair or walker, transform the bathroom into an accommodating space. To take this accessibility a step further, some homeowners decide to fit their bathroom with a universal design that can accommodate people of all abilities, ages, or sizes.

According to the ADA, accessible bathrooms should feature the following dimensions:

  • A 30 inch by 48-inch space between the door and the sink
  • A 60-inch space around each side to allow wheelchairs to turn
  • A 32-inch doorway with 36 inches of clearance

Accessible Showers and Bathtubs

Barrier-free shower and bathtub designs are ideal for people with limited mobility. For people in wheelchairs, walk-in showers allow them easy entry without any obstacles like a lip or curb. With professional installation, these showers will not require curtains or doors to block water from spreading to the bathroom floor.

Other accessible bathtubs and showers include a built-in bench or chair meant for users unable to stand for a long period of time. A handheld showerhead can also be beneficial for these users.

Accessible Toilets

According to ADA guidelines, grab bars should surround the toilet on either the rear or parallel walls. These bars should be at least 36 inches long and around 34 inches off the ground. These bars should be easily graspable allowing the user to independently lift themselves onto the toilet seat.

Accessible Sinks

Accessible sinks should be a maximum of 34 inches off the ground. Additionally, they should provide clearance for the wheelchair beneath the sink bowl. This usually means that wall-mounted sinks are the preferable option for accessible bathrooms.